Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hope & Dream

      You know..i am a person with a lot of thoughts. Yes, i think too much. At the end, i just get confused.
      Now, i am in the condition with a lot of things stuck in my head. And of course, i confused. About what? Hope and dream. Honestly, i think i have no dream. i mean, ambition. All this time, i just imagining a plain dream and hoping it will come true. Why i say so? Because my dreams are confusing and not fixed. For instance, i said i want to be a lecturer, but then i changed my mind to be an economist, after that something happen and i changed again to become something else. It clearly show how confusing i am. So i just hope things will happen as it should be.
       Well in my point of view, dream is something you are going to pursue. For that, you are trying your hardest and doing your best to achieve it. While, hope is something that you wish will happen as how you want it to be. Like a miracle.  
       i know my point about hope and dream is not right. i just want to take out the confusion that stuck in my mind right now. Maybe it will come out silly to be read. Whatever. i am just sharing.
      Or hope and dream should walk together along the path, right?

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