Thursday, 17 May 2012

Malam Muzikal Kampus '12

      Here it life as a college student. The 1st program was Malam Muzikal Kampus 2012. Held on 30 Mac 2012. Organized by PERKEB and CSSUKM, the Christian groups in UKM. 
      I was selected to lead the stage and MIB committee. Although this was my 1st time to hold a quite heavy responsibility, but i enjoying it very much. Actually, there was another person paired up with me to handle this job. In the end, i have no partner due to some problems leaving me holding the responsibility alone. But no worry, because there were a lot more friends who willingly to help me finishing my work especially making props and setting up stage. 
      Thanks to them, I learn more about God's love. Unite together in His name and work for Him with open heart. =)

Satisfied =)

With love~

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