Thursday, 17 May 2012

Citrabayu 2012

     Right after MMK '12 program, me and my fellow friends went to USM, Penang to participated dance competition. It was a Sabah traditional dance competition and well known as Pertandingan Citrabayu. In this competition which was held on 31 Mac 2012, we performed the Bajau's Daling2 dance and Mongiluk dance.
     The experienced to involve in dance competition was really exciting for me because i love dancing, especially traditional dance. It became sweeter when we win this competition. We win the Anugerah Khas Juri in both categories, Best Costume and Best Choreographer. For that, we got 2nd place overall. But, the sad story behind our victory was we unable to celebrate the excitement of winning on stage. It was all because the MCs wrongly announced the winner for Best Costume and 2nd place that actually  belong to us.
      It's ok. We forgive them. As long they apologized and we knew we were the real winner, we were grateful and happy. =)

Pretty, isn't it? hehe~

The dancers

With choreographer(at the back with black jacket) and supporting friends  

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